How it works

San Ignacio Golf Club now has a new amenity! In response to the pandemic, we have sought out ways to continue to protect our guests and residents! You now have FREE access to our private online Coyote Grill Bottle Shop as part of our partnership with This private amenity allows you online access to hundreds of industry leading and boutique wines, spirits, beers, and other offerings at as much as 60% less than standard retail. This allows you to order your favorite beverages from home and either pick them up at San Ignacio Golf Club or, with a small delivery fee, have your order brought right to your home!* lists a few hundred products at a time on the bottle shop. If you don’t see something you like, simply click the request a new product button at the top. You now have access to more than 60,000 beers wines, and spirits!

*a small delivery fee of $5.00 and distance limitation of 5 miles does apply to home delivery.

You are already a part of the club! To take advantage of the new Coyote Grill Bottle Shop:

1. Go To
2. Click on the Coyote Bottle Shop button.

3. Go to “Sign In” NOT “Join The Club”

4. Your username is your email address and your password is “pword”. Click on “Contact” at the top of the screen if you have any issues at all.

5. Find what you love to drink and place your order.

6. Orders placed must then be paid for in advance by calling Coyote Grill at (520) 207-8002. (Ask for home delivery now if desired)

7. Once paid for, orders will be shipped to San Ignacio Golf Club within 5 business days. Home Delivery is available for an additional $5.00 for orders within 5 miles of the club.

8. Find what you love to drink and place your order.

Coyote Grill At San Ignacio Golf Club